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DreamCalc Professional Edition 504 Portable Engineering Calculator

DreamCalc A scientific calculator for Windows has a number of unique features than other similar software that you will find in these features which may be very useful and efficient in their work This software supports financial calculations such as monthly debt repayment depreciation YTM MIRR IRR NPV share of money etc The software has many tools and features including key more than 260 functions more than 360 physical fixes for user convenience Features of this software can be used to draw data and Geometric view convertible to KB (kilobytes) MB GB has financial functions graphical appearance and modifiable by skins scheduling capabilities support for natural fractions etc

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    Automatic Mouse and Keyboard 5738 Run keyboard and mouse automatically

    is a very useful tool for automatically pressing the mouse and keyboard keys on the computer thanks to this software you can use your mouse and keyboard keys Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is a very useful tool for successive tasks at a specified time and place on a computer For example if you want to click on icons folders etc at a specified time you can use it in the software Defines the program at a specified time automatically on them all K as well as certain keys on the keyboard will also be able to automatically press at any time

    System Ninja 325 Portable Windows Cleanup from the File Browser

    System Ninja is a free program to erase your computer from unwanted unwanted files that are continuously and continuously added to their volume and number, which reduces the systems responsiveness and speed. Aside from being a cleaner utility, System Ninja provides other tools. These tools include running file management tools, Windows Startup Manager, and a special tool for removing registry entries. With its powerful search engine, System Ninja makes it easy to detect redundant files in the system, even those files that are hidden.

    IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 241 3D Design Mechanical Components

    is a software that allows you to carry out a powerful twodimensional design and detailed comprehensive 3D modeling in an interface that is easy to learn and easy to learn Is forgotten You can use the CAD tools included in this software and show your creativity and ability to express ideas and design anything you have in mind The ability to use the output files of this program in AutoCAD software and the ability to work with AutoCAD DWG DXF files without losing file data can be called as one of the features of this software This software which has more than 10000 standard icons and more than 700 3D symbols can be used to engine and mechanical parts power boards technical drawings and 3D complex shapes fontweight bold IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max software features Multifunctional software with easy learning and easy use Designs Precision twodimensional 3D modeling Illustration and 3D lighting 3D objects and icons AutoCAD DWG support DXF Map comparison technology Supports DWG DXF WMF HPGL and XYZ formats for input files Support for output formats DWG DXF WMF HPGL RIB VRML WPG and PDF Ability to work with images in BMP TIF JPG TGA WMF PSD AWD EPS WPG TIF PCX and PNG and

    Acute Systems TransMac 123 Simulates Macintosh format in Windows

    Acute Systems TransMac is one of the Windows simulator software, the main function of this utility, as its name suggests, is to open files and drives under Macintosh in Windows, including formats and drives that are supported by this software. Includes Disk Drives, Flash Drives, CD / DVD / Blu-ray Media, High Density Diskettes, Dmg and Sparseimage Files.

    Readiris Corporate 171 Build 12018 Win Mac Portable Download PDF and Photo to Text Converter

    Readiris Intelligent software which is called OCR software uses artificial intelligence Readiris software has the ability to recognize and read texts from images For example you have a photo of a text file and you want to save the text in the image on a text document In the past the only way to address this need was to type the text from the photo But today such software does not require this Readiris software automatically detects text from a photo and provides it in a text document to the user The superior features of this software can be compared to similar programs with high precision and the tools available In this application you can identify the type and language of the text identify the format of the text (title footer paragraph etc) and other tools This software has the ability to recognize texts of several different languages Now with Readiris software you can convert your paper documents to the editable text documents with a scanner This application is a product of IRIS sa is Readiris software capabilities Separating text from OCR images Creating PDF documents Making XPS documents Save the scanned document with the desired format Build the highest quality documents with the lowest compression technology Compatibility with various formats as input Identify the tables in the photos Scan the photo and send directly to the email directly There are various tools for working with images Use simultaneously Multiple Images Language Support English

    IMMagic Partition Resizer All Editions 360 Portable Resize Partition

    IMMagic Partition Resizer is a lowvolume software to resize Windows partitions without losing data or damaging information After a while installing software or installing new operating systems requires more space on the C drive and you want to increase the volume of this drive to install the new operating system which IMMagic Partition Resizer allows without any problems and simply It provides you with just a few clicks The software allows you to merge two partitions without losing information

    Yandex Browser 19102644 Win Mac Portable secure and professional browser

    Yandex Browser Its a safe and easy-to-use, easy-to-use browser, especially for surfing and surfing the Internet. The Yandex Browser uses the same engine used by Google Chrome and Safari, the webkit search engine, and results based on free and available resources. This browser will not only guarantee you a high search speed, but it will be enabled and working with the turbo system that it has when it has a poor connection to your network, and of course it has the ability to use the turbo site. Harmful that can compromise your Windows security, and check and download the downloaded files with Kaspersky Virus.

    Leawo Video Converter Ultimate 8000 Video File Converter

    Leawo Video Converter is a powerful converter for your videos a tool that will work quickly and efficiently both in the run and at the time of conversion without loss of quality and will support more than 180 different types of different formats of videos or video clips The software has the ability to copy and burn the DVD to the folder and the ISO file and vice versa and is capable of converting 2D 3D HD movies into MP4 WMV AVI MKV MOV FLV and so on and also the ability to convert Videos for playback on the iPad iPhone iPod Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 The software is capable of downloading online video from YouTube sites dailymotioncom metacafecom bliptv veohcom liveleakcom videobashcom funnyordiecom aolcom breakcom vevocom Enjoy the highest quality when converting videos pasting small video clips to each other and Making a long movie and is another feature of this software


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