Driver Sign up Bonus for Uber, ubereats, Lyft

uber sign up bonus

lyft Driver Bonus

Food Delivery Services


You Get



Be your own boss
Excellent pay with a very flexible schedule
Free drinks
Easy money
Instant pay
Sometimes free food
Good tips

Door Dash

Be your own boss
Excellent pay with a very flexible schedule
Free drinks
Easy money
Instant pay
Sometimes free food
Good tips

Post mates

Deliver Via Bike, Car, Scooter, Motorcycle, and Even on Foot!

No Fees or Time Commitments

Flexible Work & Great Pay

Cash Out Instantly

Postmates Bonus


Flexible hours
Get paid to drive your own car
Meet cool people
Keep 100% of Your Tips

Grubhub Bonus

Why is it a good idea to work in ubereats?
  1. Free time! you have a free time specially when you are driving. so if you are a student you can listen to your study, or if you have a business you can think about your future approach. It’s your time, and you can use it with low possible regular job stress.
  2. flexible hours! It’s the best job for people who have a lot of things to do. For instance, If you are a student it is very difficult to find a job with flexible hours, or if you have another job you can work just for two hours every day to save some money for a great vacation with family!
  3. Instant pay! All of us have same experience about lack of money a few days before our pay check. We use our credit, and because of that a lot of american’s credit score is low. It means we should pay more interest to buy a house, or a car. Almost all of these companies have instant pay, so the next time you need some money to buy something for your partner or kid you can just work for a few hours in ubereats!
  4. less tax! It’s not fair to pay less tax. we should pay our tax to build or community, but when you work for Lyft or Ubereats you can deduct part of your mileage, gas, car loan, your car license, title, maintenance, insurance and registration, mobile phone bills, car washes bill, and even parking fees.
Rules you don’t know about!

They are not hire you!

You won’t be hired in delivery food company! So you won’t have any health insurance if you want you should get by your own money, but they have some accident insurance.


You should be at lease 18 years old to drive!

some of these company accept people who drive bike to deliver food, but for making money by driving and delivery food you should be at least 18 years old.


You have almost all responsibilities!
You should not forget about your responsibilities. you are not responsible for restaurant delay, but you are responsible for  bringing food to customers.


You can’t have two account!

any delivery person just allowed to have one delivery food account in any of these company. You can’t create two account to receive more orders.


You can’t lend your account to another one!

You cant lend your Postmates, Ubereats or Doordash account to a friend or anyone else, if they found this they disable your account.


You can’t smoke cigarette or drink alcohol!

You can’t smoke cigarette or drink alcohol when you are driving. It’s actually against the law anyway.


They can disable your account for any reason!!

They will disable your account for any reason. It won’t happen if you respect their law, so always drive safe, and be nice to customers. I’m sure if you are a responsible person It won’t happen for you.


How can I make a good money by delivering food?

It is not an easy question but I have some tips for you

  1. Try to deliver food on weekends more
  2. Don’t forget to finish first trips and earn your sign up bonus
  3. Try to work at noon and evening more
  4. It’s very good idea to work in Uber, or Lyft at morning, and add some more money to your pocket
  5. Be nice to your customer for additional tip, and our social responsibilities
  6. Try to avoid Downtown, or any place with heavy traffic
  7. Work in places you know more, so you won’t waste your time to find restaurants, and customer address