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Download JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.2 coding software in Visual Studio

JetBrains ReSharper If you’ve had a lot of problems to date and there are no tools that make it faster and easier to code, we’ve provided this tool for you. ReSharper has a high-speed, high-quality coding software that Added to the Visual Studio. JetBrains ReSharper software has various features and can automatically complete codes, routing, patterning, … and is a unique feature of ReSharper software. That can bug problems at Visual Studio And then he will remove them.

NirLauncher Package 1.20.71 A useful and functional software suite for Windows – Free Download

NirLauncher Package is a collection of over 150 free and portable software for Windows, developed over the years by the NirSoft website. By installing this lightweight and lightweight application, you can easily access a lot of important Windows tools. This software has more than 100 different applications for Windows that are used to recover various passwords, view and manage browser cache, networking tools, systems and hard drives, programs for broadcasting and managing audio files and Video, desktop and search tools in Windows, etc. None of them needs to be installed, and they can even be used on portable USB drives.

Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus 7.0.328.2 + Portable PDF editing software

PDF-XChange Editor is a powerful software for creating PDF files. With the help of this software, users will be able to convert their text documents and photos using the tools in this software to PDF files. Other features of this software are the ability to embed fonts. You can also create encrypted PDFs so that they can not be changed after being built. This powerful software that has many features to build pdf is a product of Tracker Software.

Game Collector 19.0.6 Management and Game Categories – Free Download

Game Collector If you are a fan of computer games and you want to organize your own collection of games, you can use this powerful software. The Game Collector application is one of the most advanced game management software, which you can use to help you find relevant information, such as game name, manufacturer, style, cover photo and much more … related games. Just by writing the name of the game you can get the original covers of it with excellent quality.

Foxit Reader + Portable Viewing PDF documents – Free Download

Foxit Reader The PDF format is one of the most popular formats and specifically the format of the document. PDF is one of the first choices for users to store documents, with abundant capabilities. But for the use and viewing of PDF documents, software is always required. Software that has the power to display the PDF format and can display documents without any problems without any inconvenience. There are a lot of software in this area. The most famous, almost all of which are known, is Adobe Acrobat. A very complete software that comes in two versions of Reader and Pro.

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    WonderFox Video Watermark 33 Portable Add Watermark to Videos

    WonderFox Video Watermark An application to protect your video files Are you worried about your videos being published and displayed unwittingly and you want to be able to see what the source of this video is when they view them To do this you need to add identity and ownership information to your video to make sure the viewer is aware of the source of this video WonderFox Video Watermark can help you to do this It can include text pictures Add a special logo and special animation to your video to indicate the source of the video file Using this app is easy and fast and does it for you with just a few clicks

    Pavtube ByteCopy 4920 Retail Portable DVD and Bluray Movie Converter

    Pavtube ByteCopy A professional converter for converting all kinds of DVD and Bluray movies to other video formats which supports in particular the popular MKV format and other video formats such as MP4 MOV M4V AVI WMV MPG M2TS It is capable of converting DVD movie and Bluray movies into superquality surround sound (51channel) to other video formats or socalled ripping other features of this software include features such as features Simple editing such as cutting and placing effects on videos supporting new hardware technologies to increase encryption speed and convert video formats resize and delete edges Widescreen movies for fast widescreen playback fast shooting from various movie scenes extremely high conversion speed (up to 6x faster than similar software) adding watermark logo text and subtitles to videos alongside a worker environment Simple and modern

    MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Personal 3020 Data Recovery on Macintosh

    MiniTool for Mac Data Recovery Personal 3020 Soft  A useful tool for recovering files for home users It is soft Powerful software not only returns your knockout files but also helps The software can recover files that have already been corrupted by drivers  Or rebuilt This application is also featured Restore your phone memory and camera files flash drives and more

    FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 1010 Backup Server

    FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 1010 Efficient and useful software to support the release and retrieve information from  Missed on servers The information available on servers and cloud servers is very important And the loss of this information can cause heavy financial losses Supports UEFIbased and BIOS to get backup and restore from Feature of this software This software has tools and features Multiple can undoubtedly fix your need to backup your server Slowly Supports two VHD formats that are dedicated to Microsoft virtual machines HyperV is a GPT format that can handle a limit of up to 2 terabytes Has Retrieve lost cache and reset them as well as control Domains are the features of this software The power of information retrieval and ultimately The speed at which backup can attract your comment FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server features Support for UEFIbased systems Free administrative console Dynamic GPT Support Strong data recovery crushing and splitting information Ultimate Speed ​​for Backup Supports VHD and GPT formats Password Recovery Domain Controller Support Advanced RAID Support and

    LG PC Suite 5327 Download LG phone management software

    LG PC Suite LG has released the latest version of PC Suite for its users so they can use their phones and other wireless devices that are compatible with this software Manage Create and send messages from your PC via mobile phones transfer music photos and videos between your phone and computer connect to the Internet by mobile phones listen to favorite songs add new ringtone and manage audio files backup settings Automatic phone data and files transferring games and Java applications from PC to phone identifying the phone and automatically connecting to a computer managing contacts and files is one of the features of this software

    Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 1042194 Win Mac Video Converter

    Wondershare Video Converter is a powerful software that can convert common formats and can convert most audio formats, especially video, to the highest possible speed. It may not be a form that the tool does not convert to other formats, which is why users can easily use this tool for all their formats and conversions. The streaming video that comes with the in-game player software is one of the cool features of this tool. Wondershare Video Converter also has the ability to convert DVDs to DVDs, which is nowadays the most commonly used DVDs for users.

    GameJackal Pro 5200 Final Virtual CD Creator

    GameJackal Pro 5200 Final is a very useful tool for people who want to run their game without CD This software from Slysoft (a manufacturer of Clone CD) Easy to use and no need for a disc while playing it is a useful feature of this program This software can copy your disk and make it run faster in the system with the desktop that comes before you do this without the need for disk play The Guardian Control or Guardian section of this software is able to restrict parts of your game so you can put it for some gameplay so others can not enter the game It is also able to limit the time to play so your children can not play more than they can This program is one of the best and most powerful of these software with high technology This software is available in many different windows and takes up a small amount of hard disk space Software features GameJackal Execute a game without the need for CDs and DVDs Increase program speed than previous versions Execute highspeed games New changes to the application interface Autoupdate and download new versions automatically Blacklist of upgraded games including day games Preventing the display of a disk error message in the drive by creating a profile and restarting Windows Occupy a bit of hard disk space Very easy to use app Ability to install the application in three different languages ​​ Support for various versions of Windows

    NPointer 20 Turns Your Hand To A Wireless Mouse

    NPointer 20 Neuro Technology is one of the leading company in the field of software for identification on a variety of platforms which may be on a daily basis with products and systems based on its products NPointer is an interesting and completely free software of this companys products that uses your webcam to turn your hand into a fullyfledged wireless mouse By downloading and running this lowvolume software in Windows almost everything is ready to get started and just move your hand in front of your webcam so that the software detects gestures and uses the results of the sign Your mouse moves you in the image If you want to click or use the other buttons in the usual mouse just keep your hands motionless for a moment to display the relevant buttons on the image and you will again move your hand to each of the These buttons can run that command Note this software does not need to use for your function There is no advanced camera and the current webcam of your laptop or system can work  Its perfectly suited to this application Of course the software is using The Microsoft Kinect SDK has naturally improved performance But do not forget that NPointer does not need to Use the Microsoft Kinect that owns an indepth camera an image camera Vector and infrared does not have any and only by analyzing and image processing Taken by your webcam you are able to navigate the mouse pointer with hand gestures Or the body will give you Work with this software to guide the mouse the door  The official site of this software is to use it as best as possible in two modes It is suggested that we examine them below Pay attention Be careful after using any of these modes to calibrate the way The mouse pointer function may require that the settings in this software To increase or decrease speed accuracy and 1 Uses by USB Webcams Most desktop systems are the default webcam or imaging device There is no need for you to use it with a separate webcam that Usually using a USB port to connect to your system In this case just place the webcam to the top of the hand gestures Capture you on the table or environment As you can see in the figure above we can easily do this Turn your hand into a wireless mouse using this app and move  Put your hand on the table like the usual mouse cursor in the picture Move 2 Using laptop and tablet webcams But if you use your laptop or tablet default webcam its likely  You will not be able to change the direction of the valve and to use it The program with such a webcam is enough to keep your hand on it Then move the mouse to point the mouse Of course in this way even You can use your mouse to move your head to use the mouse in Windows Attention  To use the second method you need to have the Head frontal option Turn the control in the main window of the app so your hand movements are the opposite Do not go


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