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UsbFix 11.011 Download USB Surveillance and Virus Scan

UsbFix is a virus scanner It is freeware that helps you to detect and infect a USB flash drive or any device connected via USB such as an external hard drive, phone, smartphone, digital camera, etc. The advantage of using UsbFix is ​​its excellent support and important features. One of the most famous Conficker viruses is the ability to expand on your USB-connected devices. This virus is auto-generated and spreads through files to infect any device on a USB port. Therefore, any attempt, such as reinstalling the operating system for repair (because the USB infection is not detected by the virus), will be useless and will become viral as soon as you connect USB. UsbFix works on virtually all Microsoft Windows operating systems, such as XP, Vista, 7, 8.

TweakBit File Recovery + Portable Clean Data Recovery – Free Download

TweakBit File Recovery is a software for recovering deleted files or damaged files randomly from spyware and viruses. You can restore documents, music, photos, software applications, and any other file. TweakBit File Recovery can also recover files damaged by a virus or spyware. Rendering photos or videos randomly from digital cameras or computer folders is also possible. Recover any file, recover data from even deleted and formatted partitions, preview image before corrupting, remove confidential files, create a copy of important information, support any type of drive and devices, and … from The software features of TweakBit File Recovery.

Download STANDARD Codecs 7.4.5 for Windows 7/8/10 Windows codecs

STANDARD Codecs is an audio and video codec package for use on Windows 8. By installing this codec in Windows 8, files with the extensions of amr, mpc, ofr, divx, mka, apa, flac, flv, mkv, rmvb, xvid, etc. are easily executed by Windows 8 Player. By adding files such as MKV to Windows 8 Player, this program provides instant access to these files by right-clicking. Other features of this program include the ability to enable preview properties for files like MKV and FLV and other new files. It is also available for Windows 7.

Download Aiseesoft Burnova 1.3.38 + Portable – Download software for burning video on DVD

Aiseesoft Burnova Professional software for burning all types of DVD. With Burnova software, you can easily download videos online by placing a video link inside the app and upload your videos to discs with ready-made menu templates including holidays, family, travel, wedding and other styles. DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD-RW, DVD + RW, DVD + R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-5, DVD-9, which the software supports, burn easily and on different devices. Play back Aizar’s editing of videos and videos in the Aiseesoft Burnova software allows you to easily edit, modify, color, cut, and edit your video in the software environment before burning the DVD. Do it.

Any DVD Converter Professional 6.3.0 / Portable Video Converter software

Any DVD Converter is the professional software for converting any kind of video format to other high-speed video formats and superb quality. Any Video Converter has the ability to convert many video formats. AVI, MPG, RMVB, MOV, MKV and WMV, AVI, MP4, FLV, 3GP and iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI and … Format The software that supports this software is very large and does not just end in the formats mentioned. Considering that a good and fast converter software is rarely found. Any DVD Converter can be a good choice for users.

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    Joyoshare Video Converter 2008 Edit and convert video file

    Joyoshare Video Converter is an application for editing and converting a variety of audio and video formats to one another, with various features such as converting and ripping DVD movies to other video formats, applying color correction filters and lighting on the movie. Putting Watermark and Subtitles on Movies, Editing and Cutting Movies in a Simple Environment. The Joyoshare Video Converter supports a wide range of input and output formats (such as MKV, AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV and MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA) and is capable of with a few simple clicks for standard device outputs for all types of devices. (Such as mobile phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices, Sony PSP, Apple TV, 3D formats, etc.).

    Alligator Flash Designer 8030 Build Flash Images and Effects

    Alligator Flash Designer 8030 The name of the software is to enable users to create flash images and effects This software has various tools for users convenience by which they can use beautifully created images and images ready to be created The software also has a categorization of images so you can design your images to fit your work Also in this software you can also design a complete website as a flash This application is from Selteco Software Company Features Alligator Flash Designer Ability to build Flash websites slides menus banners buttons and online programs Add shapes lines curves text 3d and gradients Create buttons and clickable points and insert links to other pages Ability to import a variety of images flash arrays and animated GIFs Be able to design different shapes and add text to an existing flash file Embedding video footage within Flash file Sound playback as a background of the file as well as setting specific sound playback during various operations such as clicking a particular button and Run animation effects for each item Extract SWF Flash effect and add it to your website Use ActionScript to create your favorite file for Flash A powerful ability to build flash based arrays Contains various animation items

    Guthrie QACAD 2018 A18 View and print AutoCAD maps

    Guthrie QACAD One of the problems with working in formats like DWG is the failure to view files and projects done by AutoCAD Because if you need to install a heavy program of AutoCAD on your system to be able to view and print the information you need the software you download from Soft 98 can without the need to install the most AutoCAD program format It opens up various possibilities for viewing and printing Ability to read BMP CAL GIF GP4 JPEG PNG and TIFF formats multiple capability of printing slideshows file formatting in PDF format text search and import and export feature information QACAD software QACAD software is an efficient tool for displaying and printing maps designed by engineers students and those who are in any way involved with the maps designed by the famous AutoCAD software

    Remix OS Player 10110 Android Simulator in Windows

    Remix OS Player Another Android free simulator in Windows based on the Android 6 CrazyMoole This software lets you run your Android apps and games full screen With this app you can use Android apps without Android handsets just like you would on your Windows

    CleanMyPC 19101942 Portable Download system cleanup of extra files

    CleanMyPC The software that cleans Windows from unnecessary files system debris the effects left behind by programs uninstallation and by freeing up your computers disk space it will make your system work better CleanMyPC also allows you to permanently and securely delete your sensitive files from hard disks manage installed browser plugins delete files delete registry entries delete personal information in browsers manage programs that start at system startup and many Gives you the other

    RoboTask Business 700929 Doing Automated Tasks

    RoboTask The application software is designed automatically to help you do a lot of your computer tasks without having to do just one click With this app youll find that its never been easier to use your computer To do things just repeat the process that you have to follow successively so that you do not have to take any further effort to do it again and tediously Performing various applications and programs checking emails pasting files or backing up uploading or downloading files and sending email is just part of the work that you can use with RoboTask to do it automatically Brought up In addition to the tasks that are included in the program by default and can only be activated by selecting them another interesting section is added that allows you to capture the mouse movements and coordinates to exactly the same thing as You do it yourself its a powerful robot for you to do

    ScreenBlur 13031 Locking Desktop Screen Using Password

    ScreenBlur Little tool Volume and free to secure the desktop environment with password that is running it For the first time it asks you to select a password and then in the lightbox Icons (in the taskbar) The app has a few simple options of Auto Lock Sent for locking the desktop after immobilizing the mouse for a while Get started automatically to run the program with the rise of Windows is You can display your screen by leftclicking on the application icon Lock When the screen is locked it should have its own password Directly enter the desktop to return to its original state In case of forgetting Reboot the system and clear the software folder the door The next run of the program will ask you a new password

    Advanced World Clock 70 World Clock Show

    Advanced World Clock 70 A free and useful software that helps you know the times of cities and countries around the world This software displays full 3D and eyecatching hours of cities and countries around the world and you can use it to get accurate information from the clock and official dates of different countries Other features of this software include the ability to select the desired place of interest sunrise and sunset displaying the duration of the day displaying the current date the time difference with the Greenwich Point the preview of the country of interest the location of the hours editing Mentioned